A final manuscript is what I will need from you saved from Word or a basic text file. I do not do any proofing unless I just happen to see something that jumps out (such as spelling or quote marks missing, etc.) so please have it proofed and as close to perfect before sending. Use default Word margins and let text flow from one line to the next. Hit enter only to start a new paragraph and do not use tabs for the first line indent, I will take care of that. Leave bold and italics if they are needed. If breaks need to be inserted please do that by placing a couple of asterisks ** between the two parts so I will know there is a break here.
You may email your Word file to me along with your cover image (if you have one) and any images that should be included in the book. Please do not insert your images in your manuscript just place the name of the image file where it should be in parenthesis and change the color of this text from black so it will stand out. It would be good to name your images according to where they fall in the manuscript such as "photo 002" is the second image that appears in the manuscript and use that name to place it in the manuscript where it should be.
I will take care of the setup design for the copyright page, contents page, dedication page (if needed) and the main part of the book including designed chapter headers and page numbering and placement of images (if needed). If you have special requests as to the design I will honor those too.
Proofs will be sent to you as a low resolution pdf so that you can determine if any changes need to be made.
Once those changes are made and finalized I will send the finished high resolution pdf to you for you to publish to your chosen book seller. If there should be any problems I am available to help with no additional charge.