Video informs and video can persuade the viewer. Show your products to the viewer, show how they work and the advantages to them. Put the viewer in your location by showing them as it would be seen if they were there. This is great if your customers can not easily visit your place. It is also a great reminder for later even if they did come in and just want to remind themselves of what they saw.
A video presentation doesn't have to be just moving video it can also be still images that are animated. Animation keeps the viewers attention and a combination of both will keep it interesting.
Background audio also adds to the ambiance of the video. This can be music that relates to the subject or music can be the subject with visuals added to it. A voice- over can help to explain what the viewer sees on screen. On screen text can also reinforce the message.
Once compiled your video/videos can be formatted for a DVD presentation and given to your customers. It can also be formatted for your website and/or placed on YouTube.

Video One
Video Two